President – Steve Rea

The role of the president can be seen as an honorary one, however I take my duties of bringing grapes and biscuits to all rehearsals very seriously! I’ve been a member of the choir since our inception back in 2011 and it’s been great to see how we’ve grown and developed musically. Outside of choir I work in the local NHS system, enjoy riding my bike and spending time with my family.

Music Coordinator – Jon Rayers

Jonathan Rayers (2018)
As Music Coordinator it’s my role to coordinate the choosing of music for each term, leading warm-ups and teaching the choir. I’ve been with Sing Clifton from the start, becoming Music Coordinator a few years ago. It’s always encouraging to see a song we’re learning come together, and as I’m often in front of the choir to teach/conduct I get to hear the various parts blending together right before my eyes(/ears). Outside of the choir, I work for Wessex Water and am involved in my local church.

Treasurer – Miranda Hathaway

Miranda with Gromit
As treasurer it is my job to chase up payments and spend my evenings lounging in a bath full of money. Outside of choir I am a teacher and in my spare time I play badminton and like to be as busy as possible.

Social Secretary – Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith
Hi everyone – I’m here for your entertainment! I’ve been with the choir for a few years now, and aside from doing socials I also teach and conduct songs. I enjoy many things including crafts, swimming and yoga, but most of my time (when not at work) is spent with my daughter (or organising our next social of course)! If you have any ideas for socials – send them my way 🙂

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